2019 eSports Sponsorship Tiers

Tier 1 Sponsor

Our Tier 1 Sponsors will receive a variety of online branding and exposure through Ukatsu! Whether it’s Company shoutouts during intermission or at events, your logo will be seen by every family that visits our site or channels!

Sponsorship Perks Include:

  • An invitation to our Partner Appreciation Gala!

  • Logos on packets

  • Sponsor shout outs

  • Visual Branding during events

  • Online Logo Placement

  • Leaving promotional material for us to distribute at our venue

  • Sponsor Shirts

Tier 2 Sponsor

Our Tier 2 Sponsorship includes numerous perks partnered with out High School eSports Leagues. As one of the most unique sponsorship and marketing opportunities, our Tier 2 Sponsors will have their company logos on the back of all of our eSports Jerseys, worn throughout our high schools during their 9 week competitive seasons!

Sponsorship Perks Include:

  • All Tier 1 Perks, in addition to

  • A Private Company Team-Building Event at our venue

  • Promotional ad played during intermission

  • Logos on back of High School eSports Jerseys

  • Twitter Promotional Hashtag

  • “Play of the Game” Sponsor

  • Company Teams entries for intramural leagues

  • Promotional Booth at venues and events

  • Offer opt-ins for information from your sponsor

  • Introductions on the Ukatsu newsletter list

  • Instant Replay Sponsor

  • Player Profile Sponsor

  • Multimedia photos about partnership

Tier 3 Sponsor
$10000 (Bid for exclusive Title RIghts)

Tier 3 Sponsors earn you the right to become the Title Sponsors for our largest programs. Whether you’re interested in having our weekly Fortnite Tournaments named after your company, which are attended by hundreds of families across Columbia and the Mid-Missouri area, or you’re interested in becoming the Title Sponsor for our eSports Leagues, you’ll truly be helping sponsor our most impactful programs here at Ukatsu.

Sponsorship Perks Include:

  • All Tier 1 & Tier 2 Perks, in addition to

  • Naming Rights

  • Title Sponsor Privileges

  • Logos on High School eSports Jersey Sleeves

  • Logo on front of High School eSports Jerseys

  • eSports Season MVP Sponsor

  • 3 minute branded eSports content video

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