2019 Sponsorship Opportunities

In 2018, Ukatsu opened its doors for the first time. We ran countless Day Camps, Career Builder Classes, HP UP Fitness sessions, and of course our High School eSports Seasons.

With the help of our 2018 sponsors, Ukatsu helped local young gamers learn skills like video editing, public speaking, brand creation, and how to live stream. We ran tournaments and events for organizations like the Boy Scouts of America, the University of Missouri, and numerous school districts around the state. In our high school leagues alone, we improved collective GPAs across every Columbia Public High School, increased school attendance rates, and even helped students earn full ride scholarships to esports programs around Missouri.


For 2019, we’re looking to partner with you to help us provide a program that truly influences our childrens’ lives. Whether it’s sponsoring scholarships to help kids attend our Career Builder Courses or sponsoring the nations first LIVE LAN High School eSports League, know that you are helping children Play with a Purpose.

All of our 2018 sponsors helped us achieve great things last year. Who wants to help us make 2019 another year to remember?

For those interested in becoming a 2019 sponsor, we also want to ensure that our partnership between you and Ukatsu is mutually beneficial. With the reach of over 400,000 impressions thanks to our partnerships with Mid-Missouri Public School Districts, we can help provide the most unique sponsoring opportunity you’ve ever had! Below, we’ve outlined all of the benefits you can receive from partnering with Ukatsu.

Tier 1 Sponsor

  • Logos on packets

  • Sponsor shout outs

  • Visual Branding during events

  • Online Logo Placement

  • Sponsor to our GG Scholarship program

    • Rewards gamers with good grades with scholarships for our Career Builder courses, tournament entry fees, and our fitness classes.

  • Leave promotional material for us to distribute at our venue

  • Sponsor Shirts

  • Employee Discounts on Ukatsu events


Tier 3 Sponsor

  • All Tier 1 & Tier 2 perks, in addition to:

  • Naming Rights

  • Title Sponsor Privileges

  • Logos on High School eSports Jersey Sleeves

  • Logo on front of High School eSports Jerseys

  • eSports Season MVP Sponsor

  • 3 minute branded content video

  • Branded Ukatsu Program Material

    • HP UP Fitness Journals

    • Daily Journals

  • Exhibition match provided for company employees or customers

  • Employee Wellness Program


Tier 2 Sponsor

  • All Tier 1 perks, in addition to:

  • Promotional ad played during intermission

  • Logos on back of High School eSports Jerseys

  • Twitter Promotional Hashtag

  • “Play of the Game” Sponsor

  • Company Teams entries for intramural leagues

  • Promotional Booth at venue and events

  • Offer opt-ins for information from your sponsor

  • Introductions to the Ukatsu newsletter list

  • Instant Replay Sponsor

  • Player Profile Sponsor

  • Multimedia photos about partnership



We appreciate any and all support that you can provide Ukatsu and all of the families involved in our program. If you or any business is interested in sponsoring but don’t see a tier that fits your particular case, contact us to see how you can still sponsor and make a difference!

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