March Event Schedule

OverWatchers! - Overwatch Watch Party (Lvl 1 Event)

Who's been keeping up with the new Overwatch League? Their season's just started and we can't wait to cheer on our favorite teams! Let's watch some fun matches and play some Overwatch! ($24.95 Admission without membership)

Ukatsu D&D Night (Lvl 1 Event)

New to the world of Dungeons & Dragons? Let's learn and play this legendary fantasy role-playing game together! Join Ukatsu as we start our own D&D adventure!  ($24.95 Admission without membership)

Fortnite Night! (Lvl 1 Event)

Ukatsu is bringing to you guys one of your favorite battle royale titles! It's time for Ukatsu's Fortnite Night!  We'll be hosting our own battle for first place as we challenge each other to obtain rank one in all of our Fortnite matches! Whether we're pairing up in squads or challenging each other for the highest solo rank, we can't wait to host our first Fortnite Night! ($24.95 Admission without membership)

Ukatsu LoL Academy - League of Legends Watch Party (Lvl 2 Event)

It's that season again! The LCS season is in full swing and we want to watch some professional League of Legends! Join us on the rift as we watch some fun matches and learn more about the game! ($34.95 Admission without membership)

Terry Crews 24 Hour Livestream (Lvl 2 Event)

Terry Crews is not only an established actor, ex-NFL player, and entrepreneur, he's also a gamer dad in his own right!  He's a great role model for all of our kids and really understands the message we value so much and we want to meet him!  Come join us during our 24 hour live stream as we launch our campaign to meet Terry Crews!  

Build a Gaming PC Workshop (Lvl 2 Event)

This is your chance to learn how to assemble a custom PC for gaming. Work in teams to physically assemble the very same machines we use in our summer camps. We’ll go over each component and what purpose they serve as they’re installed. All attendents are given a handy guide at the end as a reminder they can use when building their own machines. ($59.95 Admission without membership)

Ukatsu Career Builders (Graphic Design)

Welcome to Ukatsu's first Career Builder program!  Our Career Builders will help your child not only learn and practice the skills required to get started in Have you ever wanted to get into graphic design? Learn the tools of the trade while picking up skills in editing software! ($59.95 Admission without membership)