Why we want to meet with parents - 3 reasons


As you might already know, Ukatsu is having its first family Meet & Greet night this Wednesday, March 15th. We hope you’re looking forward to sharing in some pizza, playing some good ol’ video games, and getting to know us and some of the parents in the community a little bit better.  Still not convinced? Here’s 3 of our top reasons why we can’t wait for our Ukatsu Family Meet & Greet:


Build and actual relationship between “customer” and “business”

There’s a reason why we decided to add eyes to the original logo our hired designer gave us:  we like faces!  At Ukatsu, we want to be more than just a place for you to drop off your kids.  We want to get to know you, parents and guardians, as well as we get to know our campers during summer camp.


Why we want to meet with parents - 3 reasons

The Internet and video games go together like Mario and Princess Peach - which can be both a good and bad thing.  Games have the power to bring people from all over the world together in a digital space to create, collaborate, and compete.  But with all of that can come what many consider inappropriate content (you have trolls to thank for that).

Yes, it’s true.  Your child hears, watches, and sees it all.   The minute they log on to YouTube, they’re given access  to all the thousands of helpful how-to videos and exposed to some not so friendly anonymous comments.


We’re here to show you how we address issues like this head on, and to create a stronger positive community.  Oh, and some nice parental controls for the worst of the worst.


Encourage you to game too!

It’s important to remember that video games aren’t all shooters and zombie slaying. There’s a lot of parents or even grandparents who play casual games on their phones (my grandmother is seriously addicted to Candy Crush).  Everyone needs an escape from all those meddlesome adult responsibilities by playing a game on their phone here and there. It can be a healthy hobby that anyone can partake in.


There’s also a ton of ways you can get involved with your kids by playing with them! For a lot of young gamers, playing with someone is all they really want!  


Again, the event is free to all so you have no excuse not to come share in the fun! Don’t forget, our event is downtown Columbia, right across from the post office. We’ll plan on seeing you all there around 6:30 PM! See you then!

Ben & Joe