We’re Running out of Business Cards

It’s been a busy week of networking and making friends for us at Ukatsu. Here’s a quick look back at our first week of Spring.

Junior Leadership Columbia - Monday

We’re all about servicing our community so of course we jumped on the opportunity to speak with Juniors of local high schools about entrepreneurship at the roundtable discussion for Junior Leadership Columbia. While we hope we gave a little insight about starting a business, the true inspiration was getting to see these ambitious students networking and thinking about their futures at such a young age.

BNI Mid America - Wednesday

They say networking is key to growing a successful business, but boy do these men and women take it seriously!  Local President Brandon Banks was kind enough to invite us to one of their weekly events, where we met dozens of local businesses just like us. It’s always exciting to see people helping people, and we could tell that was the mission of every individual present.  As an added bonus we even met some very supportive parents of gamers!

Gentry Middle School - Thursday

We brought our mobile gaming station with us to visit Gentry Middle School’s video game club where 20 or so kids meet biweekly to play and chat about their favorite games. It’s a surreal experience, watching their eyes light up as they connected with us and each other through video games.  We can't praise Gentry enough for supporting their student gamers, and look forward to leading the charge for more opportunities like this!