We've Launched!

It feels great to say it. We've finally launched Ukatsu. These past two and a half weeks have been a thrilling ride, from just an idea, to an actual legal entity, we're excited to finally begin working with the community we hold so dear. To keep our first one short and sweet, here's what you can expect from future blog posts:

  • Latest eSports news in the industry and how it can affect your child
  • How to's and other short guides
  • Updates on the Ukatsu program and future events
  • Ideas for parents wanting to incorporate gaming into their family interactions
  • And "MORE!" (Whatever that means...)

But more than anything else, we want to thank you again for all your continued support, we wouldn't have a purpose if you guys didn't want to play along. We hope you'll come to love this program as much as we do. Hope to see you around!

Ben & Joe