No Salty Johns!

No “Salty Johns” was the theme of our two events we held this weekend. At both our MSI watch party and our Play with the Pros event, we made sure to have the kids set some goals for the day.

Both in and out of the game, we asked them, “Hey, what’s something you want to accomplish by the end of the day? Let’s think of something specific that we can try to achieve."

And we heard some GREAT things. Whether they just wanted to master some new techniques taught to them by Shinobi (our Super Smash Brothers pro for the day) or even just learning the names of all the other kids at the event, everyone set an attainable goal for themselves. One of these goals, however, was echoed much louder among the kids with obvious consensus. And it was that no kid would have any “Salty Johns” throughout the weekend.

Okay, so you might be wondering what exactly a “Salty John” is, I know I would be if I didn’t try to keep up with all the hip lingo that gets thrown around. Long story short, they’re terms commonly used in video games. Being salty is sorta like being a sore loser, and a John is an excuse. So really, all of the kids hoped this weekend to have no excuses while practicing good sportsmanship. And that’s no easy thing in video games.

Usually, your gamer son or daughter is the head of the household when it comes to video games. So coming to an event with a bunch of other alpha dogs can sometimes be an eye opener. We can’t all be winners, and for a lot of kids, losing isn’t a whole lot of fun for the first time. Luckily, at our Play with the Pros event, ALL of the kids were “losers” when it came to challenging the #1 ranked player in Missouri for Melee and the #2 ranked player in Columbia for Smash 4.

Throughout the day, the kids engaged in competition. Whether it be in a fighting game to guitar hero to even which kid can do the most push ups, everyone stayed true to their goals. No excuses. No hard feelings. And everyone walked away a winner after taking the the time to learn from the best. All of the kids got to take home their own portrait and group photo of the day as well as the contact info of all the new friends they made. But probably the best takeaway, or rather, the best thing our kids will leave at the door in the future, has to be those Salty Johns.