Three Exercises Your Child Can Do In Between Their Video Games


A sound mind and a sound body are very important when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Ukatsu recognizes that it’s not always easy to maintain both as gamers. That’s why I make sure to supplement my video games with lots of physical activity to keep the heart rate up.  

There’s a lot of easy exercises we do at some of our events that require no extra equipment.  We’ve done anything from push-ups to jumping jacks to circuits that are fun to do as a group. Most of these exercises can be done in your own homes too!

After every game I play at home, I make sure to get up and stretch everything from my wrists to my legs. I also try to get a little exercise between my games to stay active while I play with my friends. Here’s a list of the exercises I do while I’m waiting for my next match:

30 Full body squats

  • I make sure to keep my arms either out in front of me or behind my head and squat down until my knees bend at a 90 degree angle. This ensures I’m getting the full squat on each repetition while practicing healthy squat form.

20 Push-ups

  • There’s a lot of ways to do push-ups, all sorts of grips and stances. The most important part of these, however, is the form and rate at which you do them. There’s no reason to power through 20 of them as quickly as you can. Make sure you go low enough that your elbows bend to a 90 degree angle, pausing a bit before you go back up.

15 Lunges

  • Lunges are also pretty simple. Make sure there’s room in front of you! I put my hands behind my head and make when I’m lunging, I’m stepping over my opposite knee to lengthen my lunge. You should have another 90 degree angle at your knee. Make sure your knees don’t go over your toes!

These are some real simple workouts your child can do safely at home without any equipment. It’s real easy to do every time they die in a game or take a break. I sometimes challenge myself to do 3 push ups for every time I die in a game, and it really feels like I’m getting better after every death. Gaming doesn’t mean you have to be glued to your chair all day, you can be fit too!