Games to Play with the Family

At Ukatsu, we believe one of the best ways to connect with your loved ones is by playing together and science has shown how play can build trust and cooperation with all involved.  Here are some of our recommendations for you to enjoy!

Overcooked 2  - Players: 1-4  Rated: E for Everyone

The sequel to the original hit, this couch cooperative game is all about working together to prep, cook, and serve meals as the orders come in.  With ever changing kitchen maps ranging from pirate ships to giant castles, players will find themselves in frantic fun, calling on their teammates to chop, stew, sear, and plate their way to saving the Onion Kingdom.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Players 1-8 Rated: E10 for Everyone 10+

The biggest game in December just so happens to be the 5th installment to the popular franchise, Super Smash Bros!  With up to 8 players, you can battle it out for top dog of the household using your favorite characters from Nintendo’s lineup of games and more.  A much more competitive experience for the family, but still a ton of fun!

Just Dance 2019 - Players 1-6  Rated: E for Everyone

Up for something a little more active?  Look no further than Just Dance, a game we like to play with young, teen, and parents alike.  Playing is simple on Nintendo Switch - just strap on a Joycon to your right hand, and mimic the dance moves on the screen like a mirror.  After a few songs, you’ll feel like a the pop star you’ve always dreamt you’d be. (Can’t get the kids to dance? Tell them the coordination will help with their Fortnite dances too.)

*Check out one of our videos of high school students playing Just Dance back at our High School eSports District Championships:

Bonus:  Fishbowl - No Digital Screens and FREE! Players: As many as you want Rated: F for Fun

How about a game that doesn’t involve the use of electronics or a single trip to the mall / eshop?  Try Fishbowl, a party game that involves the tiniest bit of writing and reading, but more importantly, quick thinking!  A mix of Head’s Up! Charades, and Pyramid. Having played this game at several of our events, and even on our own time, we guarantee you’ll have a lot of fun and friendly competition with everyone involved!

Here are some setup / rules we’ve found online!