What Kinds of Videos are your Kids Watching on YouTube?

YouTube has easily replaced television as the most watched form of video for kids.  In this blog, we’re going to break down the kinds of videos your child is watching - much like there are different genres of television (game show, drama, sitcom, etc).  Who knows? Maybe you’ll find yourself starting your own family YouTube channel with your own gamer!

Let’s Play

Let’s play videos are the most common video your video gamer watches on YouTube.  In a nutshell, “Let’s Play” videos are simply long form videos of entertainers playing their favorite or new games.  Think of it like watching a movie with your favorite comedian. Dramatic reactions and personalities keep audience members engaged. Often times, you’ll find gamers who can’t afford the latest AAA games watching Let’s Play videos that include the entire plot, giving viewers a chance to “play” vicariously through their preferred YouTuber.

Game Review

Just like the early days of Game Informer magazine, and even online publications like GameSpot, video game reviews are still as popular as ever, but on a much more personal level.  Subscribers value the opinions of their favorite YouTubers. Requiring more thought, planning, and scripting than Let’s Play videos, game reviews are a great opportunity for your child to emulate and practice their critical thinking and learn how to give constructive feedback.


The gaming equivalent of a sports highlight reel, montages are edited videos of the best and most exciting clips of gameplay captured on screen.  Whether it’s performing a miraculous play in an esports title, or cutting together a complete package to show show off the individual skills of a particular gamer, these types of videos are meant to excite viewers with high-skill gameplay and are usually heavily edited like a blockbuster action film.


One of the best things about YouTube’s meteoric rise is how much useful information there is to learn from experts around the world.  These days kids and adults alike are using YouTube’s search engine to educate themselves. Whether it’s the secret tips in Fortnite’s latest season or the recipe for chicken parmesan, tutorials from reputable sources are a great way to expand your horizons!


One of the biggest trends in the YouTube space is window shopping through the eyes of a YouTuber who has the means to purchase all kinds of gadget and novelty items.  That’s why millions of users spend hours upon hours watching somebody else open up technology gizmos, gift boxes, or rare one-of-a-kind collectors sets. In a lot of ways, watching others make new, expensive purchases feeds a consistent stream of endorphins we otherwise wouldn’t be able to find (or afford!).  Just be careful to not get carried away yearning for material goods.


How many marshmallows can you fit into your mouth?  Can you handle getting interviewed by a friend all while eating the spiciest ramen in the world?  These videos (frequently based around food) are exclusively for entertainment and clicks, but can be fun family nights to record with you and your loved ones.  It’s guaranteed to generate a few smiles or laughs whether you’re watching or recording your own challenge video.


Vlogs are what diaries would be if they were edited in video format for the whole world to see.  These video chronical a day or week in the life of your favorite YouTubers. The most popular “celebrities” seem to have the most exciting lives and it helps to have sponsors giving you tickets to Super Bowls, and gifting you their latest products to test.  Here at Ukatsu, our vlogs have been one of our most popular - giving our kids and parents an inside look into our programming and even the struggles of starting a business. We find the best ones are the ones that show the bright and even the more challenging parts of life.  Life isn’t always happy fun time and highlights - and it’s important to talk about his with children who may think otherwise because of Instagram and vlogs.