Competitive Minesweeper officially added to Ukatsu High School eSports Lineup

It’s with great pride, excitement, and careful consideration to announce Ukatsu’s next official competitive eSport, Minesweeper.

As the first and only LAN High School eSports league in the world partnered with school districts, we believe adding Minesweeper to our current line up alongside League of Legends and Overwatch is the best title to further our progressive and one of a kind experience.

“We’ve been keeping a finger on the pulse of what’s going to be the next BIG thing. Just think of the highlights, the story lines, the explosive plays we’ll see week in and week out, three nights a week here at Ukatsu Studios.” - Ben Brooks, co-founder of Ukatsu.

crt monitor.jpg

Minesweeper, is a timeless classic that both kids and parents alike can enjoy and understand. To preserve the authenticity of the original game we’ve all grown to love, it’s required for all eSports athletes and school districts to outfit their eSports facilities with CRT monitors, complete with gaming machines installed with Windows XP, ME, 98, or 95. Students may use their own mice and keyboards, provided that they are all beige or dirty-off-white in coloration.

At Ukatsu, we believe in competition and sportsmanship at the highest level with the best level of production for both online and in person audiences. All Minesweeper matches will be played head to head. Players begin the match at the same time, and race to see who can clear their board the fastest.

“We’ve heard all the suggestions from the students and administrators: Smash Bros Ultimate, Siege, Fortnite, CS:GO. But we really think THIS is the title everyone’s been wanting.” - Joe Chee, Co-Founder of Ukatsu

College recruits seeking new students are welcome to contact us at There’s no pool of players quite like that from Ukatsu eSports, where students receive real LAN competitive experience and coaching from qualified players.

Mark our words: April 1st, 2019 will forever be known as the day Ukatsu took High School eSports to the next level.