9 Essential DIY's for Fortnite Birthday Parties


It’s almost your child’s birthday. You’ve bought their gifts, gotten a list of their friends from school, and now you’re down the home stretch with just one thing remaining - a birthday theme. Here at Ukatsu, we celebrate a bunch of kids’ birthdays every month, each with it’s own theme. We’ve seen themes like Mario, Smash Ultimate, Minecraft, and League of Legends, but our most popular theme is Fortnite. Ever since we started having birthday parties at Ukatsu, we’ve seen a plethora of different Fortnite-themed decorations and party favors, ranging from Gatorade Slurp Juices, to V-Buck cookies, to Supply Drop cakes and so much more. This week, we’ve collected a list of our 9 favorite Fortnite DIY’s you can use at your child’s next birthday party!

1 - Supply Drop Cake

We’ve had these cakes at a couple of our birthdays in different shapes and sizes. With their simple boxy shape, these cakes are an easy and creative way to enhance your child’s birthday. Note: we’ve found that real balloons are often hard to harness to the cake unless they’re secured on the cardboard plate beneath the cake, so a makeshift balloon as shown in the second photo is another option to use on the cake!


2 - V-Buck Cupcakes/Cookies

Looking for a simpler way to serve sweets at the party? V-Buck cookies and cupcakes can be extremely simple to make; all you have to do is add icing and a “V”! V-Buck cookies can also be a great addition to birthday cakes if you want the presentation to have a bit more pizzazz.

3 - Slurp Juices / Chug Jugs

This is probably the most popular item we’ve seen at our Fortnite birthday parties! We’ve seen them come in a variety of forms, from glass-container Slurp Juices to heat-applied/printout Gatorade Chug Jugs! You can find directions/printouts for each of these below!

Chug Jug Printout

Chug Jug Heat-Applied Gatorade Bottle

Slurp Juice Printout


4 - Supply Drop Goodie Bags

Party favors are always a big hit at birthday parties, and what better way to give your Fortnite party-goers a Supply Drop Goodie Bag? You can either DIY blue bags from your nearest dollar store or buy premade Supply Drop Bags here. After that, all you need is helium, yellow balloons, and some string, and you have an epic bag to stuff with more Fortnite goodies!

5 - Veggie Campfire

This idea is an original by our very own HP Up Regular Josh and was a huge success at his birthday party! Using a variety of vegetables such as peppers, apples, and carrots (or even fruit!), you can create a healthy snack option at your child’s birthday party! Unlike most sugar-laden parties, having natural and refreshing food is definitely a great way to make your Fortnite Birthday stand out from all the others!

Printouts previously on Etsy.com

Printouts previously on Etsy.com

6 - Supply Kit Rice Krispies

Just like the snack above, these are really easy to put together! For this DIY, all you need is Rice Krispies (bought or homemade) and red paper with white “+” signs printed on them. In less than a half hour, you’ll have a bunch of small treats for your child and their friends to enjoy!

*As an alternative, use red Fruit Roll Ups and white icing for the design around the Rice Krispy

**Idea found on Pinterest



7 - Popcorn Ball Impulse Grenades

This birthday treat can be as simple or as detailed as you want to make it. Make basic popcorn balls and stack them, or dye the popcorn different colors to make it more interesting! We’ve found an easy recipe to make popcorn balls here!

Epic Games

Epic Games

8 - Fortnite Treasure Hunt

Looking for a way to keep your Fortnite party entertaining? Create a Fortnite Scavenger Hunt! Probably the most in-depth DIY, this activity involves creating a treasure map leading to a chest full of goodies for your party-goers! Why have a messy piñata when you can have hidden treasure?! Add clues, challenges, and more to make this Treasure Hunt an experience the kids won’t forget!

9 - Fortnite Water Gun Royale

This activity requires more supplies and time to create, but it can be a rewarding and memorable experience! Using any form of “Supply Crates” or “Treasure Chests” you desire, fill these containers with different shaped water guns, water balloons, snacks, and drinks. Afterwards spread these containers throughout your backyard and send your kids running toward them for an epic Water Fight! Beware of standing near the hose -- you may get soaked!