The Importance of Personal Time as an Adult

With the crazy fast-paced life many of us lead, it’s sometimes hard to slow down and take a moment to focus on yourself. You work all day at your job, the kids have after-school activities, dinner has to be made. You’re in college with classes, clubs, and meetings, all on top of figuring out how to be a functional adult. Or maybe it’s some kind of combination, or something completely different that’s keeping you running each day. No matter what pace your life takes, it’s extremely important to have times set aside for just you. In this week’s blog, we have a few helpful tips to get you started on that much needed personal time.

Set A Morning Ritual

You wake up in the morning and hit the snooze button, immediately falling back to sleep for ten extra minutes, only to wake up and have to rush through your shower, breakfast, and possibly grab your coffee on the way out. Sound familiar? While this may seem like an extra couple minutes to relax, snoozing is very unhealthy for your body (see video). Try not to hit that snooze button, and if you can, try to wake up early to establish a non-rushed morning routine. Having the ability to take your time in the morning is a great time for both relaxation and self-reflection. Make sure, however, to keep the phones out of your morning routine. Immediately jumping into a social media environment as soon as you wake up can be extremely detrimental to your health. Instead, turn off your alarm the first time, get ready, and then have plenty of time to drink coffee, read a book, journal, or meditate, all before you have to start your busy day.

Journal & Meditate

We all say we want to do these things, but many of us rarely do. This can be part of your morning routine, or perhaps something you can do during a break throughout the day. With journaling, it’s important to be intentional. While you can always write streams of consciousness about problems going on in your life, it’s very productive to physically write out your goals, affirmations, and parts of life you’re grateful for. Check out our blog How to Journal with Ukatsu to find out how you can use the journaling practices we use at Ukatsu in your daily life.

Meditating may be the harder habit of the two to form, as it can sometimes be hard to sit and simply do nothing while the chaos of life is happening around you. However, meditating is another great form of self-reflection, and it can benefit many parts of your life, including stress-reduction, anxiety, depression, and mood. Don’t know where to start? We’ve found that Headspace is extremely helpful with meditation novices. (and it’s free to use!)

Have Your Own Goals & Hobbies

This sounds simple enough, but there are many times when I’ve found myself zooming through the week, only focusing on the things that need to get done to accomplish other people’s tasks. While this may seem impossible to fit in, try to make time in the mornings, nights, or weekends where you can spend just a few hours doing something that you love. Read a book, go biking or running, start a DIY project. This will give you something to look forward to each week that is only yours, and after a few weeks, months, or even a year, you will have something you can feel accomplished about.

Plan a Day (or a Week) for Yourself!

Time off is important! No matter what kind of budget you have to work with, a vacation or staycation is something everyone needs. Take time off from work to do an activity or accomplish something that matters to you, which means don’t spend that time running errands! Go find a nice hiking trail near you, treat yourself to a new restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, or even grab that video game you’ve been dying to get through. If you’re able to financially, take a vacation away from your environment. Seeing new parts of the country or even new parts of the world are great ways to open up your senses, expose yourself to new cultures and food, and overall, help keep things in perspective.

While it may not be possible to do all of the above things right now, starting off with just one of these new habits can help you get some of the personal time you need. No matter where you are in life, remember that it’s always okay (and important!) to take some time for yourself.