#NewKatsu - Frequently Asked Questions

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since our last blog, and that’s because we’re working extra hard to make sure the opening of our new location goes smoothly!

Why have the prices increased?

At Ukatsu, we want to offer families an experience that goes beyond an arcade. In order to hire and continually train the best staff members and to keep our new state of the art facility operating for years to come, Ukatsu needs to increase our prices to properly sustain a working business model.

We want all families to know that we’re exploring ways to ease the costs for parents. We’re in the process of quantifying the overwhelmingly positive effects a program like Ukatsu has on a young gamer, and are acquiring scholarship and grant funds for academically successful and low-income families. (P.S. If anyone reading this has connections or leads, shoot them our way!)

It’s our goal as a company to provide outstanding enrichment for young gamers and families while affording our overhead costs and paying our staff proper wages for their continual hard work. We appreciate all families in this process of growth for the company!

What are the benefits of being a subscriber?

When you sign up for a recurring monthly membership - you’ll be rewarded with a discount starting in the second month of billing. Discounts start at 5% and build up to 20% by an annual year. Subscribers longer than 2 months will also receive a 10% discount on birthday parties. In addition, subscribing members will receive additional perks and free swag for being a part of the subscribers program.

We built this program in place to encourage our customers to remain as subscribing members and to reward our long term subscribers.

Is there a commitment to being a subscriber?

Nope! You can still cancel membership subscriptions at ANY time. Do note, however, discounts that build up over time will have to be restarted. (ex. A member enjoying a 20% discount after being a subscriber for one year will have to start over with a 5% discount (after the first month of resubbing) if they cancel for one month and start back up at a later time.

What happens if I run out of Credits before my next cycle? What If I think I’m not using my credits enough?

If members run out of credits, they’ll need to purchase additional credits a la carte at normal prices - and can work with a staff member to upgrade their memberships for future months.

If members need to downgrade their membership, they’re more than welcome to work with a staff member to downgrade and keep their current discount rates! Remember, Ukatsu Credits do NOT expire.

Will I be able to use Credits for birthday and week long / Summer camps?

Under the new system, Credits will not be available to use for birthdays but WILL be usable for Summer Camps. If a customer does not have enough credits to pay the whole Summer Camp, they will have to purchase additional credits at standard prices to cover the rest of the cost.

Can I look up how many credits I have online?

Ukatsu is in the process of developing custom software customers to look up their account information online. Because development won’t be complete by the time our new space opens, customers can always ask in person or through our online messengers to check their current number of credits.

Can I share Ukatsu Credits under this new system?

As of this new system, Ukatsu Credits will only be shareable within children of the same household (family). Children of different households must have their own family’s account.

What new things can I expect from #NewKatsu?

Because our new facility allows us to run more events we want to engage more gamers in town. This means dedicated times for young children, teens, parents, and adults in our facility.

Our software in development will help customers track helpful information including wellness and game tracking to make Ukatsu more than just an arcade experience.

Where again is the new location?

Our location is on 1214 Eugenia St! We made this top down map to show you how you can get here:

From College Avenue (North or South bound)

  • Turn onto Hinkson Ave

  • Turn right onto Fay Street, driving past Logboat Brewing Company & Division D

  • Turn right into the new Ukatsu Parking Lot