Computer Giving You Trouble? We Can Fix That!

Get your computer problems solved with Ukatsu Tech Support!

Is your PC running slow, not running properly, or are you looking to upgrade hardware? Bring your PC to Ukatsu and have our Certified Techs take care of it!


Diagnostic Exam - $75

So What seems to be the problem?

24-48 Hour turnaround

We do a diagnostic exam on every PC that comes into the shop to help us verify what issues your computer is having. This part of the process will help us identify the steps we need to take to repair your computer!

Tune-Up & Malware Removal [Add-On] - $40

time to clean it up!

Along with doing a diagnostic exam, our Certified Techs can tune up your PC to remove any harmful software that may be affecting it. This add-on includes:

  • Running programs to find and get rid of any harmful software

  • Removing any unnecessary software that may be slowing down your computer

  • Updating all drivers and software

Hardware Replacement - $25/hr + Parts*

Let’s get to work!

1-3 Days After Replacement Parts Arrive

It’s time to fix that computer! After confirming parts need to be replaced or what programs need to be run, we will work with you to purchase any hardware or software needed that fits within your budget and meets the specs of your computer. From there, we’ll swap out any bad or unwanted parts and install drivers and software to make the new hardware work properly with your system. Once we’re finished, we’ll call you to let you know your computer is ready for pickup!

Get Your Computer Fixed or Updated Today!

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*During Ukatsu’s Computer Repair process, the $25/hour rate ONLY refers to when one of our Certified Techs is physically touching your computer. Processes such as computer updates and installations (which could take up to several hours) DO NOT count as time spent on the computer, and you will not be charged. For any parts needed to fix your computer, we will contact you BEFORE any purchases are made to confirm.

All of our Certified Techs must have an A+ Certification in order to work on Ukatsu Customer computers.