Ukatsu’s After School Program provides a space for your kids to pursue and develop their passions and projects in a safe, structured environment.  Every program day will begin with students logging their daily journals and personal project goals. With lesson plans varying from day to day, students will learn to master programs like Adobe Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and After Effects while learning to apply those to real world careers such as graphic designers, YouTubers, and video producers! Students will practice the application of these skills through semester projects.

Students will also have access to top of the line equipment and staff prepared to educate and walk them through the process of becoming a balanced Ukatsu Gamer every day!  Students should prepare to bring comfortable clothes and shoes for our daily HP UP’s which include time for team activities and light circuit training.

Curriculum includes the following:

HP UP’s: It's time to level up your vitality! Our HP Up sessions are dedicated towards improving your physical health!  Here we dedicate time towards vigorous physical exercise, whether it's outdoor games like Four-Square to Ultimate Frisbee to circuit training or weight training, we make sure you're getting that heart rate up!  We include HP UP programming during or After School hours and twice a week, every Monday and Thursday evening.

Adobe Programing: Students will learn to navigate Adobe Programs, the software used in the professional space.  We’ll learn anything from creating your own logos, to editing your own graphics or entire vlogging series!

YouTube/Streaming Workshops: Here, students will focus on their own brand development skills.  Students will practice writing their scripts or idealizing their own stream personality while developing the skill set necessary to become the next big YouTube star!  Students will learn how to broadcast and practice confident public speaking skills.

Coding: Students will also learn introductory coding skills ranging from HTML to python, students will learn multiple coding languages and even venture into game design in groups!

Homework: Students may also work on homework with the assistance of a staff person. Parents and teachers may request children to complete homework during this time or children may voluntarily make this choice.