HP Up!

MonDays 6-8pm & SatUrdays 11am-1pm



It's time to level up your vitality! Our HP Up sessions are dedicated towards improving your child’s physical health!  Here we dedicate 45-60 minutes towards vigorous physical exercise, whether it's circuit training or weight training, we make sure your child is getting that heart rate up!

We also track your child’s physical activity and goals each class!

During the second hour, we hop into our gaming chairs, group up with new friends, and play games like Fortnite, Smash Ultimate, and League of Legends! 


Ukatsu Career Builders

Sundays 1-3pm

Learn Job Marketable Skills!


Play hard, work hard. Turn your child's passion for gaming into a future career!

Ukatsu Career Builders is THE classroom course to develop your child’s job marketable skills specifically tailored to video games and esports.  


From graphic design, video content creation, game development and more, our classes span anywhere from 4-5 weeks of structured classes to introduce, practice and master whatever skill set your gamers wish to get certified in.

Career Builder Schedule

  • January: eSports Production

  • February: Game Design

  • March: Photoshop

  • April: Games Journalism & Indesign

  • May: Photography & Lightroom

  • June: Intro to Programming

  • July: After Effects

  • August: Youtube/Twitch & Brand Development

  • September: Cosplay & Textiles

  • October: Leadership & Career Prep

  • November: Videography & Short Film

  • December: Ukatsu Career Builder Project

1 on 1 Sessions

Price and Date Vary

Get a Personalized Learning Experience!

Does your child want a personalized mentorship session?  Do they need help designing their own logo and brand?  Want a personalized fitness lesson?  Or do they just need a little more in game coaching advice?

Our One on One coaching sessions are just for you!  We dedicate our time to your child’s very own personalized mentorship session where we explore and focus on the things that your child finds most important!


Open Play

Saturdays 1-5pm & Sundays 3-7PM

Free Play For Everyone!


Open Play is open to anyone and everyone! Bring your friends, siblings, and parents to play any of the games we have at Ukatsu. Games include Fortnite, League of Legends, Smash Brothers Ultimate, Overwatch, VR games, and more!

With Ukatsu's Open Play Sessions filling up/selling out each week, we are now asking that RSVP's be made by 3pm on the Saturday prior to Open Play (24 hours ahead of time) in order to best serve our families! During Open Play, if a reservation is unclaimed 15 minutes after its intended start time, the spot will open back up for other individuals to claim. Thank you all for being a part of the Ukatsu Family!

COMING SOON - Ukatsu After Dark

Fridays 8pm-12Am | 2 Credits ($8) / Hour

Ukatsu After Dark is for all of our Ukatsu Family ages 18 and older! Join our community of adult gamers in the Columbia area for games like League of Legends, Rainbow 6, Overwatch, and more!


COMING SOON - Family Nights

Wednesdays 5-8pm | 1 Credit ($8) / Hour

download (3).png

Wednesday night is Family Night! Bring the whole family out to Ukatsu for video games, board games, and outdoor activities! Ukatsu will also be having monthly Seminars during the first hour, covering a variety of topics about the world of gaming and the internet!

Day Camps

A Day Full of Games, Fitness, Journaling, and More!

Have a day off of school? Ukatsu’s Day Camps are packed full of activities, from Fortnite and Smash Brother Ultimate Tournaments to fun fitness activities to Youtube Let’s Plays! Each of our camps start off with a short journaling session to help your child set goals for the day and end with free time to play their favorite games!


League of Legends Academy

Come learn League of Legends with the best!  

league academy.jpg

The High School League coaches are excited to come in and coach kids on how to become the best League of Legends players around!  Prepare for one on one coaching, team games, recordings of gameplay and of course physical activity time!

Dungeons & Dragons


Start An Adventure With Us!

Are you an experienced adventurer? Or have you been itching to learn the basics of Dungeons and Dragons?

Either way, the Ukatsu DnD nights are for you!  Make your own character or bring one of your own and hop into any of our adventures!  


Drop-off & Pickup Policies

Doors open for drop-off 10 minutes prior to the start of a Ukatsu Event. For pickups, please arrive no later than 5 minutes after a Ukatsu Event Ends. Late pick-ups after this time will be charged $1 per minute PLUS a $5 charge.