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Fortnite Tournaments Every Saturday 5-8pm!

Ukatsu is seeking the best Fortnite Players in Mid-Missouri for its Weekly Fortnite Solos & Duos Tournaments - one of the nation’s only weekly “LAN” Fortnite League!

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Join our League for:

  • Weekly Cash Tournament Prizes

  • Tournaments live streamed on Twitch with full play-by-play and color commentary every week

  • Fun extra games and fitness challenges!


$10 Venue - Help us keep the lights on at Ukatsu! This is good for all 3 hours of the tournament, whether you compete or not.

$5 PER Category (Solos / Duos) - This is for you to enter the tournament for cash prize. This money is for you to win back! In the event that Team Ukatsu wins the tournament, prize money is rolled over to the following week. Ukatsu will NEVER claim prizes for tournaments.

Register For This Saturday’s Tournament Here!



Check out the rules for Ukatsu’s Fortnite Tournaments here!