Intern at Ukatsu!


Ukatsu is seeking dedicated interns to work in our Social Media & Marketing, eSports Production, and Youtube/Videography departments! As a startup youth development program for gamers, it’s our passion to balance gaming with wellness and positive social interaction for children and their parents.

INTERNSHIPS ARE UNPAID. As a startup company, we’re seeking strong candidates to take on as interns with the intention of future employment once we scale the company through our first official seed round.

Video game experience is not required, though gamers will particularly enjoy the work we do here, especially with our staff/volunteer/intern appreciation nights.

Have questions about how you can help at Ukatsu? Email us at! To apply for one of our positions, click on the links below!

Current Available Internships

Social Media & Marketing Intern

eSports League Coordination & Production Intern

YouTube Production & Videography Intern