The perfect program for your avid gamer is here! Become a Ukatsu member to have access to a number of our events and services!

  • Explore opportunities and skills relating to the gaming and eSports industry!
  • Learn about Journaling, Meditation and Mindfulness at each of our events!
  • Get Active! Every one of our events will have a period of activity time!



Ukatsu Memberships

Ukatsu Members will be able to enjoy a number of our events, activities and workshops that we'll host out of our facilities every month!

Learn how to set up your own YouTube channel and stream, improve your everyday life through meditation and physical fitness, and of course make lifelong friends at every Ukatsu event!

Come join the community and learn what being a Ukatsu Gamer is all about!

Level-Up Your Gamer

Choose a program suited towards your Gamer's needs and goals!

  • Receive weekly personal fitness training! 
  • In game/person coaching to get you ready for next level competition!
  • A mentorship tailored towards your academic/learning needs.

Let's turn gaming into a positive tool for growth!

Memberships include admission to a number of events and benefits each month

We host a variety of events each month including:


One on One Coaching

Exercise sessions

Social Gaming Events

You can find more details by clicking the button below!

Want to try it all?

Our starter package includes one of every event we host in a given month! This will include:

  • One HP UP!
  • One Level 1 event
  • One Level 2 event
  • One hour of in person coaching
  • Two hours of Open Play Hours!

$60 Package - ($92 Dollar value)
*Limited one per customer


HP UP! Membership

Just interested in our weekly fitness classes?
Our HP UP! Memberships can be found below!

  • 4 HP UPs! a month - $35
  • All HP UPs! a month (8-9 classes) - $85


Monthly Membership Tiers

Plat Tier 2.png
Diamond Tier2.png

Example Memberships

For more information about how our membership works, visit us at our retail location or fill out the form below and we'll get right back to you!

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