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The perfect program for your avid gamer is here! Become a Ukatsu member to have access to a number of our events and services!

Explore opportunities and skills relating to the gaming and eSports industry!

Learn about Journaling, Meditation and Mindfulness at each of our events!

Get Active! Every one of our events will have a period of activity time!

Ukatsu Members will be able to enjoy a number of our events, activities and workshops that we'll host out of our facilities every month!

Learn how to set up your own YouTube channel and stream, improve your everyday life through meditation and physical fitness, and of course make lifelong friends at every Ukatsu event!

Come join the community and learn what being a Ukatsu Gamer is all about!

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Choose a program suited towards your Gamer's needs and goals!

  • Receive weekly personal fitness training! 

  • In game/person coaching to get you ready for next level competition!

  • A mentorship tailored towards your academic/learning needs.

Let's turn gaming into a positive tool for growth!

 Ukatsu Credit System

In 2019, we’ve come out of beta testing and rolled out our all new Ukatsu Credits System. Purchasing credits allow families to choose exactly what they want to spend their time on at Ukatsu!  Credits do NOT expire and unused credits roll over to the next month.

What is a credit?

Think of it like Ukatsu’s currency! Ukatsu Credits function similarly to how an arcade has coins for purchase to use on their games. With each of our events costing different amounts of money, we wanted to create a standard that makes paying both easy for us and our customers.

how much is a credit worth?

Currently, 1 Credit is approximately worth $5.00

What can I use credits on?

Ukatsu Credits can be used toward all of our events, including HP Ups, Open Plays, Fortnite Tournaments, 1-on-1’s, Camps, Career Builders & more!


A membership helps your child attend more events while saving money! When you purchase a membership, you receive the designated number of Credits you paid for each month, with additional BONUS Credits to spend on any of our events! The higher the Tier, the more bonus Credits you receive!

What kind of commitment is a Ukatsu membership?

As of right now, there is no commitment needed for Ukatsu Memberships. Your subscription can be canceled at anytime. This is subject to change in the future.

Ukatsu Events


Monthly Memberships

Monthly memberships are a great way to save big on credits.  Members also get access to perks like Dungeons and Dragons sessions and Ukatsu Book Clubs for no additional credit cost!


Credits may also be used for One on One Sessions and Birthdays! Because not all coaching sessions or private events are the same, pricing varies.  Feel free to contact our email at for more details or to set up an appointment!