Love what we do? Become a Mentor at Ukatsu!


Ukatsu would not be the company it is today without the fantastic people who help & work at our events! Our mentors help out in a variety of ways, from playing games with kids at our Open Play, to running DnD Campaigns, to helping us out at large tournaments and off-site events. These experiences can be highly rewarding, giving you the opportunity to be a role model to some of our kids, experience the behind-the-scenes of esports tournaments, and so much more!

Video game experience is not required, though gamers will particularly enjoy the work we do here, especially with our staff/mentor/intern appreciation nights!

Current volunteer opportunities

Help At Our Regularly Scheduled Events

Ukatsu runs a variety of events throughout the week, including our HP Fitness Session, Open Play Hours, Fortnite Tournaments, and more! Mentors are always needed and appreciated during these times. For more information about our normal events, check them out here!


Be A Part Of Our eSports & Off-Site Tournaments

We run both weekly and large-scale tournaments every year, which means we need your help! At these events, you can help out as a score keeper, one of our check-in crew, or an aid to Tournament Organizers, all while experiencing a live esports production!

Become An eSports Coach

As the only LAN High School eSports League in the world, we need top-notch coaches to mentor our high school teams. If you excel in League of Legends or Overwatch and have a knack for teaching others how to improve their skills, email us at!

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Show Off Your Creativity As a Dungeon Master

Do you impress your friends with your stellar DM skills during DnD? Become a DM at Ukatsu! With a growing interest in DnD amongst our kids, you can both introduce them to the game and give them an awesome adventure to experience every week!


  • Must be 19 years of age or older

  • Must undergo proper background checks (highway state patrol)

How do I get started?

Send us an email at and tell us why you’d like to become a Ukatsu Mentor! After review, we’ll contact you about setting up a meeting to get you started on the Mentor On-Boarding Process. We look forward to meeting you!

Have questions about how you can help at Ukatsu? Email us at!