Missouri High School eSports Invitational

Saturday October 19th, 2019 | All-Day Event | Free-To-Attend & Lunch Provided for participating team members!

Located at mizzou on the 2nd floor of memorial union!


$1200 Scholarship

This year’s winning team will receive a $1200 scholarship!

Unifying High School eSports Programs Across Missouri!


The Missouri High School eSports Invitational is a one-day Overwatch Tournament coupled with Breakout Sessions for schools interested in starting a quality eSports Program. Schools competing will be broadcasted by Ukatsu’s professional eSports production!


What If My School Doesn’t Have A Team?

Ukatsu League Commissioners can provide full online and onsite support to help school clubs and teams get up and running before game day!


Premium Jersey Package!

Get customized high school eSports jerseys for your players made by Zero Gen Apparel - a sector of Winning Streak!

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