Ukatsu eSports


High School esports

Have you ever wanted to be a professional gamer? Have you ever wanted to put on a jersey, travel, and compete in your favorite games? Have you ever wanted to be on stage with the lights, broadcasters, and crowd cheering on your team? We know you have!

Ukatsu is here to provide a competitive gaming experience for high schools around the nation! We provide a competitive eSports experience in our high school leagues, allowing gamers to compete in a physical venue on stage, in games like Overwatch and League of Legends. No more online tournaments, we want you to feel like a pro when your on stage competing for your very own high school! We'll bring you a complete 9 week season with playoffs to follow to compete for tournament glory among your rival schools!

Are you interested in bringing eSports to your school? Contact us at to get things started near you!

Recreational Leagues

Not in high school yet? Didn't get enough games in during the season? Join our recreational leagues for a mini season after school! Queue up with friends or join solo and make new friends on a team as you compete in our seasonal rec leagues and tournaments!