Ukatsu is Moving to a New Location in Town!

Hi friends and families, big things are happening at Ukatsu! As many of you may have heard, Ukatsu is moving to a larger facility we’re calling “New”Katsu! This building and the new mentors we’ve hired will allow us to have more events for both kids AND adults, and we can’t wait to tell you about it! But to answer the big question…

When is Ukatsu moving?

Ukatsu will have its soft opening on Saturday September 21st, with a grand opening event the following month. That’s less than 3 weeks away! Check out our announcement video below to learn more about our move!

Where is the new location?

Ukatsu’s new address will be 1214 Eugenia St. Columbia, MO 65201. We’ll be located just north of Logboat Brewery, right off College Avenue. Right now, Google & Apple Maps are still showing outdated photos of what the area looks like, so we’ve included a side-by-side to show what the location looks like now!

Before Construction


After Construction


Note: During construction, we installed a new parking lot to allow more families to park at our location and to avoid the hassle of street parking. Since this parking lot is so new, it does not show up on Google or Apple Maps and the navigation will probably take you to the smaller employee parking lot on the north side of the building. In order to reach the new parking lot, follow the directions below.


From College Avenue (North or South bound) :

  • Turn onto Hinkson Ave

  • Turn right onto Fay Street, driving past Logboat Brewing Company & Division D

  • Turn right into the new Ukatsu Parking Lot


More events are happening!

A bigger Ukatsu Facility wouldn’t be much if we didn’t add more events and curriculum! Starting September 21, we’ll be rolling out with more HP Ups, Open Plays, DnD Sessions, and Family Nights! Below is an overview of what our weekly events will look like.


This isn’t all of the events we will be having - we’ll also be adding more events as we settle into our new space! Some exciting events and opportunities we’ll also be adding include:

  • Adult Intramurals

  • After School eSports

  • Private Stream Room Rentals

  • Monthly Lock-ins

  • More 1-on-1 Mentorship Slots

Make sure to visit our Calendar for specific dates and times! We’ll be adding more updates to our events over the next couple of weeks!

Credit & Membership Changes

With the move, Ukatsu will also be revising our current Credit System and Membership Plan. Our new prices will help us keep the lights on while bringing in more Ukatsu Mentors!


Credit Changes

Right now, Ukatsu Credits are worth $5, which is the equivalent to 1 hour of game time at many of our events. Starting September 21st, Credits will now be worth $4, with many of our events being 2 Credits ($8) an hour.

New Event Cost/Credit Breakdown

New Event Cost/Credit Breakdown

New Memberships.png

Membership Changes

Our new Membership Plans run on a loyalty-based system, which means the longer you’re a member, the more money you save!

For those of you who are currently on a recurring membership plan, we will be cancelling all memberships and upgrading your remaining Credits accordingly at no extra cost! All of our friends and families on recurring plans will also have the opportunity to sign up for our new Membership Plan at a discount based upon the number of months they have been on a recurring plan. Talk to a Ukatsu Mentor or Manager at our Facility today to find out which New Membership Plan works for you!

Old Credits to new credits conversion.png

Our new Credit System will go into effect at 10:00am on Thursday September 19th, allowing families to purchase a new membership plan ahead of time before our soft opening. Memberships however are NOT required to attend Ukatsu’s events!

Parent Forms

As we move into the new facility, there will be a few forms parents will need to sign for children under the age of 18. While we will have these forms on hand at Ukatsu, we encourage parents to print off and sign these ahead of time in order to help streamline the check-in process during our events. These forms include a:

Thank you to all of our friends and families who have made this company possible! We can’t wait to share with you all of the awesome events and opportunities coming up in Ukatsu’s future!