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Giving You The Online Experience Your School Deserves

The Premiere Online High School eSports League

Since the founding of Ukatsu in 2017, our company has dedicated itself to being the pinnacle of High School eSports. As the only LAN (in-person) eSports League in the nation, we want to also provide schools who desire an online infrastructure a streamlined way to connect and compete with other schools across the country!

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We make esports easy

Ukatsu provides all the necessary support and infrastructure to seamlessly integrate eSports into your school’s community. We’re here to make your Athletic Director’s job as simple as possible.

What does my school need to start an esports program?

...Nothing! When you work with Ukatsu eSports, we take care of everything, from finding and training club sponsors and coaches, to organizing informational meetings, to connecting with other schools for exhibition matches, to so much more! We want to make your Athletic Director's life as simple as possible and take away all the unnecessary hassles your school would normally face when starting a new program.

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A Program That Fosters Student Growth


enhancing student lives

Our goal isn’t just to provide a premiere eSports experience, but to increase student GPAs, attendance, and feeling of ownership when it comes to their education. Ukatsu equips coaches and sponsors with the best training out there to know without a doubt, your students are being taken care of.


Focusing on student health

Ukatsu is the only league in the nation that puts a real emphasis on physical and mental health. We train each coach to educate their students in hygiene, mental health awareness, effective stretching, and circuit training to keep students active and healthy.


Represent Your School

With professional esports apparel

Courtesy of ZeroGen Apparel, we want to make sure your students look as good as they game! Your school will have its own custom designed jersey, fit like any professional team.

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Online Competitive Titles


High School Competitive Titles

- Spring: League of Legends -

- Fall: Overwatch -

How Do I Get Started?

Just like we said before, we want to make your Athletic Director’s job as easy as possible. To get started with Ukatsu eSports, simply send us a message using the form below. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible to let you know how we can help your eSports program thrive! In the meantime, check out our eSports League Starter Guide to learn more about our league, including benefits, league structure, student eligibility, and more!

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