Help Fund Ellie’s Surgery!


One chilly December of 2018 morning, we at Ukatsu found the smallest and loneliest kitten out by the very same dumpster we use for commercial garbage. Ever since that day, Ellie has been a part of the Ukatsu family, bringing a kind of sweetness only a pet could deliver to our facility.

We’ve successfully raised funds in the past ($500 dollars - Thank You!) for Ellie to see a cardiologist for her category 5 heart murmur. Unfortunately, after our first visit to the MU Veterinary Hospital, it was confirmed that Ellie has a tiny hole in her heart, and the blood flow between the left and right halves are uneven. If left unattended, her life expectancy is about a year and a half. (She’s currently 8 months)

We’re reaching out to the Ukatsu community to fund Ellie’s big heart surgery, and it’s pretty expensive. That’s why a portion of all snack and popcorn sales at Ukatsu will go towards the Save Ellie fund. Any additional contribution, though not required to love this cat, is greatly appreciated.

Let’s Save Ellie!!

All donations will go towards Ellie, the cat, and her heart surgery. In the event Ellie passes before we hit our goals, we’ll find a charitable cause that helps kittens like Ellie.