Level 1 Events

(2-4 Hrs)

$24.99 Without Membership

Looking for a great way to introduce your child to new friends in town?  Our Level 1 events are a fun mix of play, exercise, and positive social soft skills. 

These events expand beyond traditional video games - from Dungeons and Dragons, to Anime Nights, and Virtual Reality, there's always a new hobby to explore.

Level 2 events

(4-6 Hrs)

$34.99 Without Membership

Get the whole Ukatsu experience in a day!   We begin all Level 2 events with gratitude, mindfulness, and goal setting in our journals.

All games are played with a purpose, and competitive matches are coached and analyzed.  It's all about understanding what our "win conditions" are and how to improve from our mistakes - lessons we can apply to our day to day lives.  

Of course, Level 2 events aren't complete without frequent stretch breaks and a rigorous exercise. 


(1.5-2 Hrs)

$59.99 Without Membership


Ever wanted to know how to build a gaming computer?  What if we could show your gamer how to take her / his passion for completing quests in game and apply that same "completionist" mentality to their every day lives?

Our short workshops focused on practical life skills (PC repair, project management, event planning, early entrepreneurship) are meant to inspire your gamer to take on any challenge they face later in life.


Play hard, work hard. Turn your child's passion for gaming into a future career!

Ukatsu Career Builders is THE classroom course to develop your job marketable skills specifically tailored to video games and esports.  

From graphic design, video content creation, game development and more, our classes span anywhere from 4-8 weeks of structured classes to introduce, practice and master whatever skill set your gamers wish to get certified in.


Does your child want a personalized mentorship session?  Need help designing your own logo and brand?  Want personalized fitness lesson?  Do you just need a little more in game coaching advice?

Our One on One coaching sessions and just for you!  We dedicate our time to your very own personalized mentorship session where we explore and focus on the things that you find most important!

HP Ups/Free Play

$12/per Session


It's time to level up your vitality! Our HP Up sessions are dedicated towards improving your physical health!  Here we dedicate 45-60 minutes towards vigorous physical exercise, whether it's circuit training or weight training, we make sure you're getting that heart rate up!