Services and Programs

The Ukatsu program opportunities for young gamers to make friends year round.  Here's a list of what we offer.




summer camp

Half and full day camps give young gamers a chance to make new friends throughout the week.  Every day is an opportunity to improve your skills and explore the world of gaming and esports. Pack a lunch and wear active clothing for physically active breaks during competition. 

tournaments and special events

Whether it's a city wide tournament competing for pride and trophies, or a more casual gaming session with tons of cooperative physical and digital play, these events will happen regularly throughout the school year.  Evening events leave parents alone for the perfect date night!




Does your child want to be the next YouTube star?  Perhaps they've always wanted to learn how to build their own gaming PC.  We plan on hosting workshops to develop trade skills in the gaming industry that go beyond playing.


birthdays / hired events

While we love a good old fashioned bounce house and clown, maybe your child would want a video game tournament / activity day instead!


Rec League

eSports is growing professionally and at the collegiate level.  Ukatsu wants to bring that growth into the high school and pee wee ages. This is the perfect opportunity for gamers to understand the values of teamwork and commitment.