Ukatsu Weekly Fortnite challenge

Challenge Columbia competitors to see who's the best Fortnite player in town in both Solo and Duo games!
$8 Dollar Registration Fee (Helps us keep the lights on!) 
$5 Dollar Entry into Solo Challenge (Additional $5 entry per person to enter Duo Challenge) - Entry fees go to the pot

In 3 total games, the most points wins! 
Eliminations = 1 point
3rd place finish = 1 point
2nd place finish = 2 points
Victory Royals = 5 Points
(Ties will be broken by highest placing in game 3)
1st - 60% of the pot
2nd - 25% of the pot
3rd - 15% of the pot

Every Tuesday
5:30 - Solo/Duo challenge buy-in registration
6:00 - Solo Challenge
7:00 - Duo Challenge
8:00 - Squad Challenge
9:30 - Event Ends

Open to the public and for all ages, whether you're in middle school, college, or even working adults. 
24 PC systems (Controller Compatible - PS4, XBOX ONE)
Bring your own PC/Console get $2 off the registration fee! 
$1 off registration if you follow us on all socials! (Valid once)

Accept Cash/Card
Located at 1413 Grindstone Plaza Dr (Next to Your Pie)



Register here to sign up for the Fortnite season!