The video games we love are only growing in popularity.  We want to raise the most productive gamers this planet has ever seen.


Our Mission

As gamers ourselves, we know of all the good that can come from playing and competing.  Our mission is to encourage the positive problem solving and social interaction that comes from being a part of the gaming community.   We preach balance between gaming, relationships, physical activity and personal development and how parents can get on board with the idea of the Ukatsu Gamer.

“...purposeful play builds self-confidence and real-world problem-solving skills.”
— Jane McGonigal, PhD - SuperBetter

Program Material

  • Help with translating problem solving skills learned from gaming into reality
  • Balance between staying active mentally and physically through exercise. 
  • Education on preventing chronic gaming related injuries (posture, hands, eyes)
  • Exploration into career opportunities in the game and esports industry
  • Team and individual competitions - We don't always win, but need to try.
  • Team and relationship building
  • What it means to be a good "digital citizen" and how to  behave with respect online.

The ratio of staff to children is 1:10 for children between the ages of 8-12 and 1:15 for children between the ages of 13-18. 

A Safe Place for ALL Gamers

Ukatsu actively ensures each child is entitled to and experiences a safe and inclusive environment.  

We make sure to have all of those employed by us certified in CPR/First Aid training as well as certified mandatory reporters.